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SBCC Token Made Debut on New York Times Square Nasdaq Electronic Display… Also listed on Nasdaq the official website

It was announced on the 31st (Korea time) that the SBCC Foundation’s ‘Smart Blockchain City’ advertisement was placed on the electronic display board of the NASDAQ headquarters in Times Square, New York, USA.

Recently, Samsun Securities, KB Securities, Mirae Asset Management, etc. counducted Nasdaq advertisements and became a hot topic, and the SBCC token, a blockchain-based smart city project, has attracted the attention of New Yorkers who are at the center of global finance and American finance. In addition, detailed news of the SBCC token project was published on the Nasdaq official website. 

SBCC token is a content-type decentralized network system developed based on security and performance superior to the existing Internet of Things(IoT) by utilizing the Binance Smart Chain-based wallpad blockchain technology, and personalized based on Web 3.0 semantic technology. It is a new paradigm that pursues the decentralized autonomy of DAOs that can provide information. 

SBCC Foundation CEO Ted Kim said, “We are in full swing to promote smart city construction based on Asian countries. Meanwhile, after listing on the global large exchange LBANK on the 28th, SBCC Token made a successful debut in the global market, recording an explosive increase of more than 500% compared to the listing price and second place in the ranking of all coins. It is getting a great response by proceeding with listings on the NFT Market, etc. 

The recently released physical-based NFT ‘The Master Key’ was sold out in half a day at a successful bid price of 20 ETH and became a big topic. It is attracting attention from global financial and crypto media companies such as NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, Marketwatch, Newsbtc, Livebitcoinnews, and so on. 

Date : Mar 31, 2022 | Source : Coinreaders

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