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Date : March 28, 2022 | Source : Coinreaders

SBCC(Smart Blockchain City) token, a global smart city platform based on blockchain, announced that it is listed on LBANK, a global large exchange in Singapore, at 8pm(KST) on the 28th Monday. 

Blockchain technology using SBCC’s Wall Pad is a content-type decentralized network system developed based on superior security and performance than the existing Internet of Things(IoT). It is a new paradigm that utilizes DAO(Decentralized Autonomous Organization). 

Smart Home Cloud, wall pad IoT and SBCC tokens can supply smart city platforms worldwide in terms of operation and revenue generation, and Wall Pad IoT and Smart Home Cloud shows high-performance, reliability, constant quality, scalability, and unhackable security. The biggest feature is the verification of smart contract records and algorithm database for real-time operation. 

LBANK is a digital asset platform established in 2015, it has more than 3 million users in more than 50 countries around the world, and currently supports more than 90 cryptocurrency transactions. LBANK is a global virtual asset exchange that maintains the top 10 on CoinMarketCap, a global exchange ranking site.

SBCC Foundation CEO Ted Kim said, “The SBCC has four requirements: infrastructure, services, people, and the most essential, reliable data sharing and utilization, which are essential elements for constructing a smart city based on a blockchain data platform.” He said, “Moreover, it will be reborn as an innovative global project for building a reward giving metaverse aimed at a smart crypto city”

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